Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Music :: [priestess]

I am so in denial when I say "I'm not a big rock fan"... I recently posted about [wolfmother] I love their approach to rock.

Well... they have company! Found out about a rock band from Montreal called [priestess] and have to say I am digging them. Its like a rock renaissance on my iPod just now! You know I am big on leftfield electronica, glitchy IDM and soulful, ambient world soundscapes. Every so often, however, its just great to let go and just rock out.

This is where [priestess] come into their own. Their's is the kind of back-in-the-day, mullet and converse all stars rock of Led Zep and Black Sabbath that is where I am at right now.

Its raw... powerful... energetic... and I am loving it. They are on RCA but I found out about them through ((ace fu)) from NYC - home of the folky electronica duo [tunng] in the USofA.

Ace Fu are releasing a vinyl copy of their album in October :: G'on yersel! Power to the Vinyl.

Anyway, you can download priestess' fab track "lay down" from their homepage :: ((link)).

You can also hear some more of their album on their myspace page :: ((link))

Check them out...

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