Friday, June 02, 2006

Another thought for today...

resistance is futile...
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Saw this flower this morning as I walked to the train station in Motherwell... Surrounded by dirt, tarmac, car fumes and an old metal bridge...this flower was flourishing. In all the opposition and hardship...the flower was alive and radiant and beautiful.

I see this as a metaphor for the emerging church... small, beautiful expressions of community and faith rising out of inhospitable surroundings. Being different... being unique... demonstrating the Creator's love and grace in areas where it seems only man exists.

I am encouraged by this flower...


Anonymous said...

Lovely thought, Thomas; encouraging and challenging. Good to read your spiritual application. Not only to see God's handiwork all around us but to illustrate our witness in a dark world is spiritually insightful.

Paula said...

See, God has been teaching me the same things!

I have a back alley behind my house, full of gravel and weeds. I decided to reclaim it for beauty and began tossing seeds and plants back there. I figured whatever could grow there, I'd let stay! The first thing to sprout were poppies, and here's the thing that really got me: they didn't sprout in the good soil...they seemed to prefer the rocks, the bare places, the places nothing else wants to grow.

And then God got me: "I placed you here in this small town in the middle of nowhere...because I think you will bloom here, and this place needs some blooms."

Yes, Daddy.


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