Thursday, June 22, 2006

Peeping Tom

The first CD I ever bought was ((the real thing)) by Faith No More - it was a long, long time ago. Epic is still a classic song!

Anyway, I kind of lost touch with the band... They never called... They never wrote...

My man, the Soos kept intouch... He has all their albums... He's a big fan!

When I was over in Edinburgh on Saturday, the Soos gave me a copy of Mike Patton's new solo album :: ((Peeping Tom)) and I have to say its pretty good. Not entirely to my taste... a bit too sweary for me...and a bit too hippity-hoppity in places... but the collaborations with my fav artists are strong :: the mighty Bebel Gilberto... Massive Attack... Amon Tobin... and the Norah Jones!!!

Its accomplished and holds well together... although not everyone will get it.

Anyway, check this pic out :: The Soos (far left) with Mike Patton (second left) followed by The Soos' pals Kev & Sandy :: How cool is that? Mike was doing some work with the Rockstar North boys and just wanted to hang out. Sweet.

Thanks bro for letting me share this memory.

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