Friday, June 02, 2006

Old Brown Java

Last weekend, Olly, Janey, the we'ans and myself; went to Kaldi's in Hamilton for some food. When I got there I remembered the coffee I used to drink when meeting up with Olly for lunch when we were courting :: ((Old Brown Java)) :: it has a rich and intense flavour. I love it!

Anyway, Chris Hinton is coming over tonight for coffee with my close friends Jon G and Lorna to-be-G :: First time I will physically meet him ((spoke to him many times via email and comments)) and I wanted a nice coffee to impress, as you do.

Went to Whittard's of Chelsea on the recommendation of Roscoe for some Old Brown Java and the service I received was special and meaningful :: the lady gave me the history of the coffee... basically, clippers would store coffee beans in their damp hold when shipping them from Java to the UK. This storage would create beans with a unique flavour that sold very well. When the steam ships took over, this transforming process was lost : the ships were too quick. To replicate the process, farmers now bury their beans after harvest for 5 years ::
This East Java farmers´ co-operative buries some of their raw bean harvest for over five years to mature. The flavour, acidity and style will change as the bean dries out and mellows. The unique ´aged´ flavour is intense with a wonderful tangy, spicy almost earthy style.
I really appreciated the history : the lady who assisted me added real value... you know how much of a geek I am for things like this...

In addition, Whittard's of Chelsea are donating all profits from the sale of the Old Brown Java and others from the area to the Indonnesian earthquake relief fund. Now that's cool!

Just hope my friends like the coffee.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mate,

Glad I could have been some service to you regarding the coffee. hope you all enjoyed it. I'm sure you'll have been discussing the future of church and other hot topics of the month. Will be thinking of you, olly and the weans on Sunday. Too bad I can't be there.

See you soon

Anonymous said...

That's a cool story! Thanx for sharing. Looking forward to the day we get to meet face-to-face! You and your family and a great cup o' joe/java! Have a great weekend! BTW, i LOVE reading your blog and i do so almost everyday. Thanx, my friend from the wide world web!


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