Friday, June 30, 2006

Give Blood

Diane... Bobbito's wife and the lassie who wiggles her bum when she worships... persuaded (read : bullied) Olly and I to give blood tonight. I am ashamed to say I have never given blood. Called me pathetic but I am a bit of a woose when it comes to blood and needles and, you know, physical pain!

Anyway, Olly was borderline anemic so she couldn't give and, unfortunately, the nurse wouldn't believe I weighed less than 50kg (honest, I do...) so I was able to give.

I embarrased myself by yelping when I was pricked on the thumb... as I said... I am a woose! When it came to giving blood, it was uncomfortable and a wee bit sore but the staff were fantastic and really grateful for any donation.

If you have never given blood or haven't in a while, please give blood! It is relatively painless and the time goes quick when you have a sweet nurse and Jose Gonzales on the iPod.

It was great to see Alec, our Captain... Janey & Rosco... and Yvonne, Kenny's sister, there.

Do your bit!

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Matthew Bennett said...

Look no further - here is another woose - and a well known tale that goes around regarding moi - I ran away from school once afraid of getting my TB jag - do I hear you snigger or laugh loudly?

Blessings, Matthew

humfer said...

I have given blood once...felt great that day, fainted and fell in the shower the next day! Be careful tomorrow!!

k x

can't get itunes so if you could possibly put the podcasts onto cd then that would be great...can send some to you via mum.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I managed to "persuade" you.
Proud of you all
Dont worry Olly I was refused first time as well but there will be a next time.Anyway you are needed to nurse Thomas back to full strengh!!!
love Diane


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