Sunday, June 18, 2006

Last weekend...

To celebrate my outlaw's 40th wedding anniversary the whole Taylor family sans our we'ans went to the Ramada Jarvis in Gourock. 40 years, eh? amazing!

We are extremely grateful to Janey and laterly Roscoe for putting us up on the Friday night and looking after Dayna and Miriam while Olly and I got a chance to relax.

Its always fun to see my sister from another mother (and father) Janey... We had a laugh on the Friday night watching Big Brother and chilling. She does, however, snore like Homer Simpson... but hey, everyone has a flaw ^____^ We hooked up with Roscoe on the Saturday before we headed to the hotel.

It was a glorious weekend... perfect for being by the sea.

Gourock is a small town beside the bigger Greenock. It is a lovely seaside place without any tacky, Blackpool like amusements. The view is lovely and there are some cool places on the main street.

FLAVA is a fav of mine :: ((link)) :: want to spend some time there... I have only experienced their fab, and cheap (£1.70), large lattes to-go. They also stock SNAPPLE but this time I didn't have enough change.

We also checked out Original Artists where Olly chose a sweet, bling-bling ring for her birthday... Looks fab! Their stuff is unique and lovely... cool gifts and different jewelry.

I also found some fab music in a charity shop... Robert Miles & Atlantic Ocean (on an old-school dance tip) on CD and a live Marleena Shaw record. Cool!

After checking the shops... we went back to the hotel and chilled... time in the pool, steamroom, sauna and jacuzzi; was just what we needed.

Later on, after the football, we had dinner with the most amazing view over the water. There was a dance later on with some pretty mediocre, appeal-to-the-multitude tunes played - we all enjoyed ourselves and dances as/ when we saw fit.

On the Sunday morning, the we'ans joined us for breakfast... and then a swim. I missed the swim because I had a lack-of-sleep-and-its-too-hot headache, which was a shame.

Afterwards, we headed to Janey's dad's for a barbeque (cremation) and some fellowship in the sun... Fab! Great food and company.

What a great weekend! Still sticks in my memory a week later. Thanks to everyone who made it special.

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Anonymous said...

Your girls are always a pleasure to look after .... not forgetting pippen too.

Would just like to say I am so glad you said I only snore like Homer........ don't think rosco would be to pleased if you said I looked like Homer!!!!!!!

love you all

Janey xoxox


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