Monday, June 12, 2006

Brief coffee with like-minded saints

Grabbed a quick coffee with Julie and Innes :: two like-minded saints who responded to the calls from Johnny Baker and Paul Thomson regarding the emerging church discussion in Scotland.

Hope this is the beginning of some amazing work in the West of Scotland. Hoping to bring Paul through for a longer session... and see where we go from there.

Annoyed it was only 10mins but the ice is broken and I'll hook up with Innes at the 3rd Dreamday in Auld Reekie.

Do believe, however, that there is a real desire to make this happen and equip... enable... encourage... people in the West that church doesn't need to be the institution we have made it.



Anonymous said...

just so good to meet you
thanks for doing that !!!

weareallghosts said...

Julie ::
Thank you - it was a pleasure... This is the start of something big for the Lord.

Humfer ::
Aiming for 1200hrs... will bring this forward an hour and try to see you.

Matthew ::
We are back on the 21st... It would be a pleasure to see you! Me thinks NANDO'S is calling ^____^

weareallghosts said...

Let's grab sometime... will call you and let you know when I will be coming into Waverley. Sweet!


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