Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saturday :: Part 1 - Bathgate

Went to Bathgate Market's Carboot Sale to sell some stuff - clear the loft and, hopefully, buy a digital camera; Olly needed me there to set up - the other traders are like flippin' vultures when you open your boot... Cherrypicking your stuff for goods they can resell. We don't mind selling to them - just hate them swarming us. Annoying.

I picked up two fab CDs while there ::

Snivillisation by Orbital and...

the very best of... Crowded House

I paid £1 each from Janey - she skinned me!!!

I then travelled through to Edinburgh. Had to take a bus as the trains were off for repair work. My iPod battery was low so I read a book :: ((the relevant church)) :: I am loving the casestudies of folk who have planted churches that are relevant to the culture they are in... but not of

I had a cool conversation with a woman who sat beside me. As we were talking she swore then said "Pardon my French" - I didn't understand why she said that until I realised I was carrying the book and wearing my ALOVE top.

Arrived in Edinburgh and hooked up with Kirsty... which I'll cover in the next post.

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