Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Saturday :: Part 4 - Hangin' with Don Johnson

It is ALWAYS a pleasure to hook up with the Soos :: Second only to Olly... He's my man!

Met up at ((analogue)) :: analoque is a wonderful wee bookshop that sells some sooper-dooper kit - tees, Hulger handsets, books and mags; toys and spot-on tunes... They are also a wee gallery and we were able to check out the final day of the Neasden Control Centre exhibition. Check these photos out :: ((analogue's flickr))

Had a chat with the owner - the Soos is on "hiya" terms with him. We talked about locations in Glasgow... which would be so sweet! He also let me take some photos of the exhibition (see above) - I need to post them on Flickr.

Afterwards, we checked out odd one out - a sweet little clothing store offering Maharishi and Silas, amongst other brands... expensive but cool!

The Soos then took me to Monster Mash for food (Thanks bro!) - Lovely! I had the vege haggis... which was brilliant.

We had a fantastic conversation about faith and the dreamday... and I greatly appreciate the love and support of the Soos. He isn't there with me on this faith journey but he is so supportive and loving. He understands the "whole of me" concept that drives this blog and I really appreciate that.

Lastly, we went back to "Casa dela Soos" for tunes, chilling and Table Tennis.

Thanks bro for the tunage you gave me... going to cover some of the tunes you gave me the heads-up on soon but, suffice to say, the tunes RAWK!!!

We chilled in front of his fab media totem (above) - watching the wallpaper change on his Mac Mini on a 42" screen was awesome... but playing Table Tennis on the xbox 360 was amazing. It is such a great game - got beat but enjoyed the games. Need to play again soon.

Thanks bro for your generousity and company... Always good to see you.

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