Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Music :: ((audio cinematography)) by [glideascope]

Really excited about this album :: ((Audio Cinematography)) by [Glideascope] - don't own it yet but the previews are impressive and so where I am right now...
Downtempo artist Glide:a'scope provides a mix of chill out beats generously blended with cinematic melodies and eclectic influences. Fusing electronica with classical orchestration, dub reggae with downtempo rhythms and live world instrumentation.
This excites me - I love fusions of different music and folk like Talvin Singh and Nitin Sawhney do it so well. Glideascope is up there with beautiful atmospheric soundscapes that will inspire and permeate your soul. Truly wonderful... even though its described as "chill out" (I hate that term - its so lazy)

His 2003 EP :: ((with strings attached)) is going for £41 on Amazon just now!

You can download the opening track from the EP :: Devushka (Beautiful) :: ((link))

Check out this visual sampler from YouTube ::

Oh and Glideascope has a blog too :: ((link)) :: Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds AWESOME! Thanx! How do you finf all this cool music? Who's your hookup?

weareallghosts said...

The Soos hooks me up... he's my pusherman!

I dig in the crates and check out net labels... My superhero gift is the ability to remember bands / producers / DJs... I read the media and it sticks.

Hope this is something that adds value..? What els do you like about the nanolog?

Anonymous said...

i love your quirky and authentic perspective on life and faith - i think similarly to you. i feel like you are my brother separated at birth! I love all the gadgetry and techno info and your experiences with your friends and family, like and work. i look forward to reading the nanolog every morning! Your sense of humor rocks too! Keep up the fabulous work!

Anonymous said...

This material is DOPE! Thanks for highlighting this cool and awesome music - something so fresh and original it deserves to BLOW UP!



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