Thursday, June 08, 2006

Golf :: A rethink..?

Bobbito was over last night... It was our homegroup :: fab to also see Liz, Laura, Pamela and flipflop Liz! The discussion was fun, lively and vibrant... the way it should!

Anyway, got talking to Bobbito about Golf!

I explained to him about the reasons why I don't play :: exclusivity & elitism... nasty boasting... dresscode... etc etc and he offered to play a game with me.

Talk about "suck it and see!"

The thing is... its not the game as such... its the people! If I surround myself with friends and play as part of a social experience with OUR RULES... then I can't see the harm :: as long as Olly is actively doing something she enjoys at the same time.

The thing is... I actually enjoy my wife's company and don't really want to spend ever spare minute on a golf course away from her... Hopefully, she'll get the bug too... afterall, if its good enough for MARIO!!!

Thanks Bobbito... and thanks to my dad, Kenny & my colleague Paul for offering old clubs :: think I'll need them!

Will keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

It's not only you that should give golf a rethink, golf to me is a walk with like minded people, although not always like minded in golf.
7000yards can be a long walk but it can also be a great witness time, on a warm sunny day, in and surrounded by Gods own creation you cant help but admire all that God has done for us,or more importantly what we can do for his kingdom.

weareallghosts said...

Thanks Bobby... Let's get together and have a laugh!

Anonymous said...

In addition to what has been said there are other benefits to Golf:
Playing within the laws of the game is an excellent discipline in its self. Where else would you get a participant disqualifying her/ himself for an infrigement?
You can experience the satisfaction of prevailing over the weather/ the course/ your own weaknesses/ opponent(s) etc., and behaving in a polite, civilised manner as well.

Hope this does not mean you will be borrowing my sweaters as well now? Now that would be a conversion!


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