Monday, June 26, 2006


My eMate, Andy, over at live a big life has inspired me with his article about church going organic :: ((link))

I like the term "organic"... its earthy... rootsy... wholesome... based on something living...

I think it is a tremendous world for describing church... or should I say the church I would like to see

Organic, according to the Soil Association,
"means that farmers can't grow genetically modified crops and can only use - as a last resort – four of the hundreds of pesticides available to them."
What does this mean for church?

Well... I like the fact that organic isn't genetically modified... It is food as it is intended to be... nothing altered or modified... simple... plain...

I also like the fact that the farmer has limited access to pesticides too... She has access to the means of protecting her crop...but its not about protection at the detriment of the environment and the world... its about being in harmony with the surroundings and using more natural forms of protection.

Church should be organic : simple... plain... nothing altered or modified... based on something natural so that the true flavour shines through. Its not about the messenger... its about the message, afterall. We hide God in denominations... in separation... in man-made concepts. We package Him up to make Him more appealing to us. Its fair to say, He doesn't need us to package Him up...

Its also fair to say He doesn't need our protection. I'm not big on Apologetics - when it comes to my faith, I have nothing to apologise for... God does not need defending.

An organic approach produces, in my opinion, tastier fruit... more robust, healthier fruit. Taste comes from the inside. Organic is about substance... not about the way something looks... its not about uniform or shiny. Its about taste. Value comes from flavour, not looks. Its about keeping in balance with the environment.

Organic church will value fruit in all shapes and forms... diversity will be key... It will be about the insides, not the veneer that surrounds... Substance rather than surface. It will also keep close to its environment... not taking without giving back... living in balance.

I would say, however, that organic fruit is more at risk. It is easy for non-organic farmers to spray their fruit with agent orange or whatever evil pesticide they have... Organic farmers have less to choose from and have to live more on trust... on faith... with their food being more vulnerable.

Church will be at more risk when it is organic...because the people will be vulnerable. No man-made perservatives to keep them going - only the strength of the wholesome earth that they are immersed in. In organic church, we will only have God to keep us... there will be nothing man-made that will protect us.

Personally, organic church appeals to me because it is stripped-down, diverse and not man-made... its about how it should be... it is about substance... it is closer to the environment from which it comes and it will produce stronger, fuller, tastier fruit.

Don't get me wrong... it will be riskier... more vulnerable... to be part of an organic church... but I genuinely believe it will be worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! You have keen insight and a great way with words. Thanx!

weareallghosts said...

Thank you for your encouragement, EP.

Anonymous said...

Ditto existential punk's comment.

We package Him up to make Him more appealing to us. Its fair to say, He doesn't need us to package Him up...

After years of thinking that presentation was everything, this is the truth that is slowly being burned into my heart and mind. Thanks for the reminder to 'keep it real'.

Keep it coming Thomas.


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