Monday, June 19, 2006

Saturday :: Part 2 - Kirsty & her Destiny

Verita (left) and Kirsty (with her Lardmonkey Tee)

Met up with Kirsty for a coffee and a bleather... and am so glad I did. She is so on fire now! She left church scunnered (unfortunately my church) - she was sick of the pharisees who said one thing and did another. She moved to Edinburgh and, long story short, she hooked up with the ((Destiny Church)) in Edinburgh and is now A L I V E !!!

I am so delighted to be in her company.

We went to the top of the Prince's Mall to participate in some openair worship - their praise band were pretty amazing... and the thoughts were really captivating and engaging.

I was inspired by Billy who has turned his life around through faith and connecting with Destiny - he was a homeless alcoholic estranged from his family... no one would touch him with a barge poll until he met up with Destiny and he came face-to-face with God's love and grace. Fantastic!

We talked authentic faith as we walked to the Grassmarket with to-go coffees from Costa - it was a really special time. We talked about relevancy and discussed her church with Alpha and the film nights. She also talked about her baptism which was special.

A very valuable hour spent with a dear friend.

When we finished... we found the Lot and we met Paul T who welcomed us both a hug...

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