Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hunting Cow

Cow of the Castle ((No. 82))

Had an absolutely fab day today... We decided to get up early... buy a "family funday" rail ticket and go cow-hunting in Auld Reekie.

The weather was lovely... glorious, in fact... and we had a great time. Bagged approximately 20-odd cows in the sunshine... Had lunch in the Prince's Street Gardens... and experienced cosmopolitan Edinburgh when its at its best >> pre-Festival.

Globetrotter ((No. 73))

We also had the opportunity to check some cool shops out... Cockburn Street is pretty hot just now... One shop :: Fabrick :: caught my eye... Basically, you pick the graphic print you want and then choose a tee or hoodie that you want the print on... Simple but effective... One tee was nearly in my collection >> it was a graphic of an audio tape ((a tape!!! anyone remember them?!?)) with God is sound as a logo :: not sure what it meant but figured it would be a fab tee if I ever went back to Merseyside. Fabrick also did some fab Paul Frank goodies as well as other super-hip toys and stuff :: loved the huge Gundam as you enter the shop.

Anyway, lovely day spent with Olly and the we'ans... Taking the train was fab... Felt really chilled travelling to and from Edinburgh... Lovely!

Check out the photos on Flickr :: ((link))

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Anonymous said...

Paul Frank ROCKS! I am a Paul Frank fabnatic so it's great to see you like him too!


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