Wednesday, June 07, 2006

[Form] @ the Lighthouse...

Had a meeting today at ((the Lighthouse)) :: I love the venue... makes boring meetings that wee bit less boring when you have inspiring surroundings.

We had the same room as my work had used previously :: ((link)) :: although I didn't dare climb the 135 steps in the Mackintosh Suite to see the view (vertigo is not just a Hitchcock film)

Had a break and was able to check out their shop :: ((form)) :: wow! Lots of fab stuff like Lomo cameras, Moleskin notepads and Tivoli "iPals"... They have 10% off in store and 15% off if you shop online.

Love Mitchell Lane :: I love Bar Soba - they do fab fusion food - and have heard great things about Bar Ten

If you are in Glasgow, check it out.

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