Friday, June 09, 2006

Podcasts :: Controversial Jesus

My Jesus was and still is a controversial figure... I find true irony in that His message is anti-religion and yet a religion has grown up around Him. This is why I refer to my faith rather than my religion...

If this seems strange and nonsensical to you then please check out the Mosaic podcasts :: ((link)) :: I have blogged about them before but I have to say Erwin McManus is on fire with this series.

Find out why Jesus is still the controversy today...

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Anonymous said...

Hey you're absolutely right - it's a great series. But did you get the last episode?
It was never visible on Itunes for me..!?

I really want to see it after seeing the trailer for the movie Most they posted up - amazing.

Anonymous said...

p.S. - I guess if you do have episode 4 - can you let me know here and I'll make contact... I really want it... :-)

weareallghosts said...

Hey Anon...

I just check my iPod and I only have 3 episodes - I don't have the 4th either. Bummer!

Hey, tho', say hello and keep in touch.


PS Have you read Velvet Elvis?


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