Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup 2006

Well its finally here... The World Cup 2006... Going to catch what I can although I am going to follow Italy because it would be fab to see them in the semis / final when I am in Italy... Holland... Trinidad & Tobago because I love an underdog and they are the only way we'll see Scotland play in this year's World Cup... and England for Joel! (although the England / T&T game will be interesting)

Football, for me, is like golf... love the game but don't really enjoy what happens when folk take it too seriously.

Anyway, what I have enjoyed in the run up to today is the way some of my fav blogs have picked up on the cool of the World Cup... photography... design... strips... sneaks... iPod covers... the works :: it's fab!

What they don't have however is a gratuitous pic of Ruud Gullit in his heyday... Those dreads... That moustache... Cool!

Anyway, check out ((cool hunting)) and ((Josh Spear)) for some supercool World Cup fever!

Game on!

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Paula said...

Here in small-town Alberta, Canada, there aren't too many people that get World Cup fever.

My husband is one of them.

We got a phone call at 6 AM this morning from our Brazilian friend in town, asking if he could come over and watch the England game. I put in ear-plugs, fell back to sleep, and let those two twits watch the game to their hearts content.

I have to say, that Trinidad-Tobago vs. Sweden game was VERY exciting!! We love underdogs in this house, too, and that game was a beaut!!


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