Thursday, June 15, 2006


Saturday is going to be big!

Olly is doing a carboot sale in the morning in Bathgate - would like a digital camera for Venice. I'll help her set up and defend her from the marrauding hordes who descend on you when you are setting up.

I am then aiming to be in Edinburgh for 1100hrs-ish to hook up with Kirsty aka Humfer. Her church, Destiny (Edinburgh), are doing something special in the Princes' Square shops next to the Waverley Centre... and I'm going to check it out... and hook up with Kirsty for a blether.

Afterwards, I'm going to the 3rd Dreamday (see flyer above) to see/hear all that the Saints are doing for God in Auld Reekie. Hope to see Paul and Fee aka Mr & Mrs DJ Haggis... and hook up with Innes too.

Lastly, I have the pleasure of meeting up with the Soos to hang... listen to tunes... and have a right hearty bleather.

Can't wait!

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