Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sweet :: Pleix

Wow! The Soos has done it again... If you love leftfield electronica and/or love sweet, envelope-pushin' videos then check out ((Pleix)) - Who are Pleix?
Pleix is a virtual community of digital artists based in Paris. Some of us are 3D artists, some others are musicians or graphic designers. This website is the perfect place to share our latest creations.
All the films are quicktime (go Apple!!!) and are snatchable if you have quicktime pro for on-the-go watching on your PSP or iPod.

Some sweet stuff on their - recommend "Birds" with Vitalic on sounds... and "Netlag" with Bliss (think Jonny Baker has this vid as a worship idea). "Simone" is very special although the song chosen to accompany it by Bleip is a wee bit out there.

Check it out and thanks to the Soos for the heads-up!

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