Monday, June 19, 2006

Saturday :: Part 3 - Dreamin'

At the bottom of the Grassmarket in Ediburgh sits the Lot (on the right in the pic) - a converted church that houses a cafe/meeting space and a larger venue area upstairs. The venue hosts ceilidhs and jazz and functions... and ((Dreamday 3))

It was fab to be welcomed by Paul T and his good lady, Fee - Paul is doing so much to join the dots of the Saints in Edinburgh. The turn out was good.

Met up with a chap called Paul B - he plants new expressions of church in Edinburgh for the CofS. He was great company and someone I hope to catch up with again.

It was also great to hook up with Innes J and spend time discussing our past experiences and our future hopes.

There was a lot to take in... suffice to say the Lord is working in Edinburgh. If I didn't realise this with Destiny then I did now. He is working through individuals committed to their communities - people using their gifts and talents creatively... who are subtley proclaiming His name in the circles they are part of.

Anneleen, Emily and Hannah giving back with video (their video is being show in Taxis in Edinburgh) and creative fashion with a small group of younsters.

Vanda & Euan who are part of the team at the Lot. euan's testimony of taking the leap of faith into working for God as a sound engineer was really special.

Randy & Jan who work with young kids, teaching and developing their music and expression.

Tim & Fiona from City Life who are doing mighty work for God with youngsters in the West of Edinburgh.

Tremendous to hear them... It was also great to hear how Stewart and Doogs are getting on setting up a gothic music scene in my old manor of Livi... G'on yersel guys!

Check out the commentary on Paul T's blog :: ((link)) :: and keep Edinburgh in your thoughts and prayers. There is a mighty movement of God's spirit in the City...

A movement I hope to bring to Glasgow..!

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