Friday, June 16, 2006

Thought :: Bad coffee in a paper cup is still bad

I hate vending maching coffee with almost as much passion as I hate instant coffee. Tea comes from tea leaves... you can see the tea leaves in the teabag. Coffee comes from beans... not from powder!

What is worse, however, is putting instant coffee in a papercup and pretending it is from a bean - this is fraud in my eyes!

This got me thinking... do we try to package up our lives to look like the real thing?

Do we try to hide our shortcomings by being busy doing what we think the Lord wants us to do? Do we dress up in the clothes and culture of our faith... dress up in the trappings of the religion that surrounds Jesus... but refuse to change what is inside from the instant, frothy, pretend version of the real, authentic thing?

Think about it...

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Anonymous said...

Yep. Good point! I guess, if we are brutally honest with ourselves, most of us fall into the instant coffee category. Easy to buy, easy to make, but tastes bad. Good things always take more care and attenton, you are so right, thanks for laying the challenge in such a thought provoking way

Anonymous said...

What's worse is coffee in a styrofoam cup and powdered creamer! YUCK!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done Thomas; big challenge for me!

I agree with Andy, "Good things always take more care and attention.." Does it not link back to previous on prayer?

Fathers are not meant to be challenged on Father's Day?


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