Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cool :: DJ Kenny Mitchell

I have wanted to DJ for ages... Did a couple of sets a while back and loved every minute of them :: getting paid to find and play soul, funk and vocal electronica was a dream come true >> although the bubble burst when the bar I was DJing in dropped me in favour of "more funky house"...

Anyway, I love the way people can create "electronic worship music" to fit with today... I love DJ Haggis and the stuff he does... can't wait to hear him live. I am also excited about this chap :: ((DJ Kenny Mitchell)) :: he comes from Brooklyn, DJ's across the globe and heads-up his own church community. If only?!?

His music if uptempo electronic with a sense of purpose... Love it. He has an album out on Survivor records (same label as Tim Hughes) :: ((link)) :: Check it out...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey mr. headphonaught :)
thanks for the mention and links! where did you score that photo of me djing in poland ? you cyber ninja you....
anyway cheers matey from ya brooklyn bruda!
You can find me now at (yes i got sucked into the vortex)
I have some new tracks up there.


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