Sunday, June 18, 2006


Met up with Jon G and Kevin Mac for some noodles and fellowship at Wagamama :: its always good to see Jon... he uplifts me and is a great friend. Kev is a pal from Kilmarnock who went to DFL with Olly and I... Its lovely to see someone so young, so dedicated to living out Jesus in his space.

We talked church over chili chicken ramen (Jon & I) and yaki soba (Kev)... We discussed ((DEEP)) and other ideas. Jon shares some of my frustrations with present church and is eager to create something new. I shared with him the newest word in my vocabularly :: planting :: and he got excited - he is so there with us. Its fantastic to know that Olly and I are not alone.

Jon then went and picked up Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis on my recommendation... which was sweet. It is such a good book!

Later on Janey came over with Mog and Lauren - watched Grace deservedly get booted out the BB house and chilled. They were over to come with us the Bathgate Market Carboot Sale.

We are blessed with so many great friends!

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Anonymous said...

I feel blessed that I am one of your great friends

Janey x

Paula said...

I bought "Velvet Elvis" for my nephew as a present on his graduation from high school this year. I haven't read it, but i've seen some of Bell's video talks, and I thought it might be good. I'm glad to hear you recommend it!

weareallghosts said...

Paula ::
I have the audiobook of Velvet Elvis and am having inspiring walks with God in the morning.

Rob Bell challenges our perceptions with regard to the Bible and encourages us to debate/ discuss/ determine its meaning.

Well worth it. Stop what you are doing and read it. Let me know how you get on.


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